For more than thirty years, Sensonics vibration devices have fulfilled the anti-friction requirements of manufacturers who supply instrumentation for the military, commercial and general aviation markets.  The Sensonics line of light tapping devices includes vibrator modules, vibrator assemblies, circuit board assemblies and electrical rotary solenoids for use on various aircraft analog instruments.  Key customers include Kollsman, Inc. (an Elbit

Systems of America Company) and the US Department of Defense.
Sensonics vibration devices are specifically designed to eliminate frictional errors in sensitive instruments by providing a steady, uniform light tapping action. With an electromechanical unidirectional vibrator and its attendant circuitry packaged in a unique miniature housing, Sensonics LTD’s patented features have successfully eliminated friction in tens of thousands of instrument mechanisms over long periods of operation under extreme environmental conditions (even in those conditions where instrument friction increases with operational life).

Induced vibration levels are suitable for friction removal applications in instrument mechanisms, particularly altimeters, air speed indicators, pressure sensors, flow sensors and temperature gauges.