Spec Mini Solder-in Feed-thru EMI Filter

This low pass filter is a new addition to the Spectrum Control line of EMI filters.  The Spec Mini Solder-in Feed-thru Filter (9909 Series) has a miniature case measuring 0.140” diameter (flange) x 0.120” diameter (barrel) with a body length of 0.110” and a total overall length of 0.400” including leads. To explore this and our catalog of filter products, click here.



  • Rugged monolithic discoidal capacitor construction with capacitance values of 5pF to .027µF
  • High temperature construction meets military requirements for solderability and resistance to soldering heat
  • High-purity gold plating provides excellent compatibility with gold bonding techniques
  • Conventional seal, reverse seal and hi-rel versions are also available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ideal for a variety of products intented for use in teh microwave spectrum, including oscillators, attenuators, and synthesizers
  • Soldering into a package, bracket or bulkhead while maintaining hermeticity