Rework & Troubleshooting

Sometimes the rework of existing PCB assemblies is necessary to fix a design flaw, upgrade an assembly with new components, or it is simply a cost-effective solution to building from scratch. API’s rework specialists assure that the resulting PCBs and assemblies meet the highest quality standards. 

Featured capabilities:

Prediction & Elimination of Problems
API leverages state-of-the-art software to render a virtual board build. In a matter of minutes, API can spot engineering mistakes, check electrical clearances, review it against standards, check component sizes, and much more. This detects and corrects errors before manufacturing begins, thus saving customers time and money.

Ball Grid Array Troubleshooting / Re-work
For companies experiencing problems with competitor-made components, Ball Grid Array (BGA) Troubleshooting and re-work offers a highly cost effective method to repair “dead” boards or eliminate bone piles. 

Re-Ball Specialists
Due to the ruggedized nature of military products, lead is a major component in EMS manufacturing. Recent environmental restrictions regarding the use of lead in products means that many small parts in military-grade components must be replaced. API Technologies is one of the few EMS organizations to offer re-balling of ball grid assemblies

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