Secure Systems

In situations where compromised data could have financial, political and/or life-threatening consequences, information assurance is the highest priority. API offers a variety of security solutions for these sensitive environments.

EMCON/SST-brand TEMPEST & Emanation Security Products & Services: As one of the world’s largest developers of TEMPEST and Emanation Security solutions, API Technologies safeguards the world’s most sensitive information by shielding IT systems and confidential data from those who may do harm. The company has developed pioneering techniques for protecting electronic devices by limiting the stray signals and electromagnetic waves they produce. API Technologies markets its TEMPEST products and services through its Cryptek™, EMCON, and SST™ brands.

Secure Networking: API products enable privileged users to access sensitive data and critical systems easily, dynamically and securely. Fortune 500 companies and government entities leverage products from API to overcome common challenges related to network security and device access.