Program Management

Your Dedicated Program Manager

Although the level of complexity may differ from a simple PCB subassembly to a complete product box build, one aspect of API EMS will not vary - the way in which we manage your project. At the initiation of your project, you will be assigned a dedicated Program Manager who will serve as your single point of contact within API EMS for your project's duration. If you have one or more projects with us already, your existing Program Manager will assume responsibility for this new project as well for your convenience.

Your Business Advocate

Instead of a employing a traditional Sales model - where a customer is brought in by a Sales manager and is quickly passed onto an assistant after the first order is placed, API EMS has chosen a relationship model - where our Program Manager is introduced at the very first meeting and stays with you for the duration of your business with us. As your Program Manager continuously interacts with you, he/she gets familiar with your business, understands your needs and quickly begins serving as your advocate within our company. Years of experience and customer feedback have proven this approach to be much more valuable and convenient for our customers. The open communication it fosters is invaluable and has shown to significantly increase customer satisfaction levels in areas such as response time, information accuracy and exchange, technical support and change management.

Your Single Point of Contact

Each API EMS Program Manager has responsibility for all sales, engineering, and customer service functions related to your project. Depending on the nature of the project or situation, your Program Manager will also coordinate the necessary expertise from around the company to satisfy your needs. This may include individuals from API EMS's Design and Test Engineering, Prototyping, Supply Chain Management, Production or even from our partners. As this happens behind the scenes, all you have to concern yourself with is interfacing with a single individual.

Your Valuable Resource

Our Program Managers have years of industry experience and the vast majority of them have been promoted from within other departments within API EMS The versatility derived from their experience only enhances their ability to meet and exceed your needs. Our team works person-to-person with a genuine desire to please each and every customer without regard to the level of business done with API EMS. Several of our customers have come to view their Program Manager as an extension of their own company based on the relationship and trust that has been fostered. Our Program Managers do a great deal of "hand-holding" which is greatly appreciated by our customer base and keeps them coming back project after project.

 Are you interested in having a champion for your project within your supplier? Call us toll free at 1-800-295-8000 and ask for Sales or submit a request to get started today.