Contract Electronics Manufacturing - Windber, PA

API Technologies operates a 110,000 sq. ft. facility near Johnstown, PA with a skilled staff of over 122 employees. The facility is equipped for assembly of 100 percent surface mount technology, mixed technology, and hybrid design PC boards, including single or double sided, multilayer circuit boards, fiberglass resin, polyester, flexible and ceramic. It features a full through-hole assembly line, for both low and high volume production.

The facility is qualified under IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 Workmanship Standards. API can also meet special assembly requirements such as system integrated turnkey assembly, mechanical assembly, cable assembly and testing of all electrical assemblies. All customer kits and turnkey inventory are tracked and audited by an MRP database system. Additionally, a secured inventory area is available for processing and storage of drop shipped inventories.

Ball Grid Array Troubleshooting / Re-work

For companies experiencing problems with competitor-made components, Ball Grid Array (BGA) Troubleshooting and re-work offers a highly cost effective method to repair “dead” boards or eliminate bone piles.

New Product Introductions (NPI)

API offers rapid prototyping services, incorporating the hands-on service of a small EMS vendor with the engineering expertise of a large, established firm.

Unique Customer Service Model

API assigns a skilled technician to oversee each project from initiation to completion (design, production, incoming inspection, and shipping). This eliminates confusion and ensures that each project is given ample attention and is completed successfully.

Invested Employees

With Certified Six Sigma Greenbelts, 5S training, and an average tenure of over onedecade of service, API employees are second to none.

Prediction & Elimination of Problems

API leverages state-of-the-art software to render a virtual board build. In a matter of minutes, API can spot engineering mistakes, check electrical clearances, review it against standards, check component sizes, and much more. This detects and corrects errors before manufacturing begins, thus saving customers time and money.

Re-Ball Specialists

Due to the ruggedized nature of military products, lead is a major component in EMS manufacturing. Recent environmental restrictions regarding the use of lead in products means that many small parts in military-grade components must be replaced. API Technologies is one of the few EMS organizations to offer re-balling of ball grid assemblies.



SMT / Thru-Hole ISO 9001 : 2008
Design & Layout AS-9100 : 2009
BGA/micro-BGA IPC-610E Class I,II,III, IPC-620, J-STD-001D 
Fine Pitch (90201/01005) ANSI/ESD S20.20 Complaint
Leaded and Lead-free RoHS Compliant
Die Bonding CE, UL, FCC, CSA
Wire Bonding ISO 13485:2003
Electromechanical Assembly  
Conformal Coating (on site)  
CAD/CAM Support  
LEAN Manufacturing