Box Build Services

We Build It the Way You Want It

API EMS's manufacturing expertise is not just limited to PCB assembly services. Although designing, prototyping and assembling PCBs is a large portion of our business, many of our customers look to us to deliver completed subassemblies or finished products on a turnkey or consigned inventory basis. We offer a full suite of electronic and electromechanical services including:

  • Material Procurement
  • Consigned Material Management
  • Plastic or Metal Enclosure
  • Complex Final Assembly
  • Encapsulation and Conformal Coating
  • Functional Testing and QA
  • Burn In
  • Environmental Stress Screening
  • Labeling and Bar Coding
  • Kitting
  • Documentation Inclusion
  • Packaging
  • Customized Logistics (including JIT and Kanban Support) Per Customer

API EMS's Engineering Department will also help you reduce costs by offering their expertise through a Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, and Test evaluation of your project.

Inherit API EMS's Experience

If you are already considering outsourcing of your PCB assembly, why not consider outsourcing your entire subassembly or final product to the same supplier and reap all the benefits? API EMS has over 30 years experience in supply chain management including the procurement expertise and leverage to schedule and acquire the material you need to manufacture your project cost effectively. If you would rather acquire the materials yourself, you can simply ship them to us and we will utilize your consigned inventory while safeguarding it as well. Either way, you will be able to streamline your manufacturing process by having completed, tested, and even packaged assemblies shipped to you when you need them. API EMS's logistics capabilities include support for JIT or Kanban systems.

API EMS is committed to working with your team to develop the best quality, customer service, and cost solution for your box build project. Call us toll free at 1-800-295-8000 and ask for Sales or submit a request here to get started today.