Join API on the Road

The first week of June API is hitting the road. The company will participate in three different events designed to share our products and services with customers around the world. Read on to learn more about these events, who will be there and how you can join us.  

June 2-3
Ottawa, Canada

At this annual event, sponsored by the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries, stop stop by booth #3337 to visit Marc Dumais and team (fresh from last week’s DoDIIS show in Phoenix) to learn more about the company’s Emanation Security and TEMPEST offerings. Product lines from Cryptek, EMCON and SST will be featured.

Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum
June 3-4
San Diego, CA, USA

Join Bob Sharman in booth #405 to learn more about API Components and Subsystems Capabilities. Featured at the show will be products from National Hybrid™, including the new PC-104 card. Additionally, partner Sital will be on hand to showcase Minuet™, its newest products. When a 8mm Minuet™ transceiver is paired with the National Hybrid Bus+™ components, the combination offers the world’s smallest available complete solution for 1553.

Showcase for Commerce
June 3-4
Johnstown, PA USA

Join the API team in booths #101 & 102 (inside) and booth #V14 (outside). Learn more about the company’s broad range of capabilities through a variety of engaging displays, including the interactive flight simulator, robotics challenge, and product show-and-tell. Wish to schedule an on-site meeting with us at the event? Email