API Adds New "Product Finder" Feature

API Technologies recently launched a new Product Finder feature designed to direct site visitors to relevant products and solutions. Read on for some quick tips on how to use it.

To access the Product Finder, select "Products" from the top menu, or click here.

The product finder offers three ways to explore API's broad range of products:

  1. Search by Product Category: On the top left, you will find a pulldown menu listing the wide range of product and service categories. Simply pull down the category you wish to explore.
  2. Search by Product Keyword: Need to meet a certain specification? Know exactly what you are looking for? Use the Keyword Search option in the upper right-hand corner. This built-in search engine allows you to search by product name, requirement, etc.
  3. Product Scroller: Not sure what you are looking for? Flip through the product scroller to see a wide array of featured products. To learn more, click on the product name. From there you will be directed to the product page.

As always, if you have feedback about this new feature or questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us.