Keep Data Secure with Emcon Brand TEMPEST Solutions

Learn more about API Technologies' Emcon line of secure communications solutions and Emcon brand TEMPEST products in this product overview video. Emcon's products are designed to protect data that, if compromised, could result in severe financial, political, privacy, or defense-related consequences.


API Technologies' IMA Solutions

API Technologies' high performance Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) feature our own award winning amplifier, filter, mixer and switch components. With engineers covering disciplines from component optimization, to system integration and design utilization, API offers advanced solutions for today’s defense and commercial system applications. Learn more at


AESA Active Antenna Array Solutions featuring Quad Transmit Receive Modules

In this live demonstration of our Scalable Active Antenna Array Unit, the AESA Radar Solutions team showcases products supporting ease of integration and reduced time to market for radar systems integrators. API has developed an approach that supports a 'Line Replaceable Unit' for the AESA Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) platform; a common module building approach which facilitates first line repair while reducing the cost of ownership.


Video: Secure Venue Tablet

Classified information can easily be compromised when on the move, creating an essential need for secure mobile computing solutions. The customised Secure Venue Tablet combines the portability of a tablet and the power of a laptop along with the ability to manage data up to Top Secret (United Kingdom and Canada) and Secret (NATO) levels. The standard model features an accredited ViaSat Eclypt® encrypted hard drive which is available for UK CAPS Top Secret, Canada Top Secret, NATO Secret, and FIPS 140-2.

To learn more visit:
North America


API Technologies: Power Supply Solutions

Ever want to know what key components go into a Power Supply? Watch this video to learn more about API Technologies Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS).


API Technologies: EMS Capabilities Tour

API Technologies provides award-winning U.S. and international contract manufacturing and New Product Introduction services, as well as design and engineering support, for defense, industrial, medical, and commercial customers worldwide. In this video, explore API's broad range of Electronics Manufacturing Services, featured offerings, and certifications.


API Technologies: Easy Deployment of Avaya SAL Gateway

Learn the benefits of the Avaya Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway software and how to: simplify deployment, reduce costs, and support dial-up access with the ION SA5600-SAL solution from API Technologies. For more information or to order, visit or call +1 908-546-3900.


API Technologies: Specialty Connectors

Learn more about Specialty Connectors from API Technologies' Spectrum Control line of products. Featured products include: filtered circular connectors, specialty unfiltered connectors, filtered audio connectors, mini-MIL connectors, rapid mate connectors, and harnessing products and services for defense, aerospace, industrial, telecom, commercial, medical and audio applications. For more information, visit:

API Technologies: Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Take a quick tour of API's Windber, PA facility and learn more about the company's Electronics Manufacturing Services for defense and commercial customers. Featured EMS capabilities include: Circuit Card Assembly (CCA), Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Ball Grid Array (BGA) placement from .08 mil to highest I/O count, BGA rework, BGA troubleshooting, BGA replacement (including lead replacement for defense products), uBGA, 01005, 0201, Leadless chip, Ultra-fine pitch, New Product Introductions (NPI) / prototypes, High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) engagements, Low Mix High Volume (LMHV) engagements and Cable and Wire Harness. For more information on these and other API services, visit www.apitech,com or email


API Technologies: Hawk I Automatic Range & Trajectory Aiming System

See a demonstration of API's Automatic Range and Trajectory Aiming System for robot-mounted Disrupters.

Robotic systems and accessories from API Technologies enable military personnel, EOD teams, firefighters, law enforcement agencies, border security officials and transportation security teams to safely detect and dispose of explosives and other hazardous materials. For more information on this and other products, visit

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