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TLA-4215 Series 2-Coil Hybrid Transformer

TLA-4215 is designed to be used in a 2-coil hybrid transformer configuration. Interfacing of Telecommunications equipment requiring separate transmit and receive path to a 2-wire telephone line, where high transhybid loss and DC loop current capability are required.

  • Low profile
  • Small size
  • DC capability
  • Conforms to FCC Part 68 and C03 regulations

TEA-4214 Series Matching Transformer

TEA-4214 is a wide band matching transformer operating in two impedance configurations. The 4214 is mainly used as Line Matching and Bridging Transformer.  Windings connected in parallel for lower impedances ( 100 to 150 Ω) and connected in series for higher impedances ( 600 to 900 Ω).

  • Very wide band
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low bridging loss

4175-4177 Series Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filters designed for high frequency communications equipment where high
stability over a wide temperature range is mandatory.


  • ± 4° phase match between filters
  • Small size
  • Low cost

TEW-4087 Series Matching Transformer

The TEW-4087 transformer was designed to provide matching between a coax cable and a twisted pair.

  • Based on the Ethernet data link protocol
  • Uses baseband signaling at 10Mbps

TLA-4032 Series Matching Line Transformer

TLA-4032 is a 1 : 1 line matching transformer. Line matching in 600 & 900 Ω circuits where DC loop current capability and high voltage insulation are required.

  • Low profile
  • DC loop current capability
  • Conforms to FCC part 68, Canadian CS 03, British BS 6305 and Australian regulations
  • High voltage insulation between input and output windings

3858-X Series Line Coupling/Bridge Transfomer

3858 is a 1:1 line matching transformer. Interfacing equipment to telephone line, requiring small size and high insulation voltage.
3858-2 is designed for high impedance bridging applications.

  • Low profile
  • Small volume
  • Conforming to FCC part 68, Canadian CS 03 regulations
  • Low cost
  • High insulation voltage

3853-X Series Line Matching Transformer

3853 is a 1:1 line matching transformer. Line matching in 600 & 900 Ω circuits with up to 100 mA loop current capability.

  • Low profile
  • DC loop current capability
  • Conforms to FCC part 68, Canadian CS 03 regulations
  • High voltage insulation between input and output windings

TPW 3852 Series Input/Output Transformer

The 4 wire interface between Subscriber Terminals and the Network Termination has been standardized by CCITT recommendation I.430. It uses a passive bus which provides separate receive and transmit loops operating at 192 Kbits/s.


Two versions of TPW3852 have been designed and approved for use with the following devices:


  • Siemens PEB2080
  • Siemens PEB2081
  • Siemens PEB2085
  • Siemens PEB2086
  • AMD Am79C30A


  • Mitel MT8930A, -B, -C
  • Mitel   MT8931B, -C

3817 Series Line Matching Transformer

3817 is a 1 : 1 line matching transformer. Interfacing of telecommunications equipment to 600W or 900W lines.

  • Low profile
  • Conforming to FCC part 68 and CS 03 regulations
  • Low bridging and insertion losses
  • Low cost

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