Secure Systems & Information Assurance

IAE 2011

March 8, 2011 (All day) - March 10, 2011 (All day)
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
United States

API will be attending the Information Assurance Exposition 2011, a show that features products and services in support of Information Assurance technology, equipment, implementation, training, education, and more.

TS-21 Blackjack Secure Rugged Tactical Fax

The Cryptek TS-21 Blackjack Secure Rugged Tactical Fax is a lightweight, self-contained, rack-mountable fax machine that provides the government with the means for secure communications in the field. Easily adaptable to airborne, shipboard and vehicle applications, the Cryptek TS-21 Blackjack is the US Army Standard for Rugged Tactical Secure Fax and can be deployed to support First Responders at the Federal, State, and Local Government levels. Made in the USA.

  • Highly Rugged:  Provides the ultimate protection for the transmission of classified information in hostile environments
  • Reliable in Even the Harshest Conditions:  Resists extreme temperatures, dust, vibrations, jamming and noise
  • Highly Interoperable:  Offers extensive protocol support, commercial Group 3 interoperability, asynchronous interfaces and compatibility for a wide variety of communications equipment
  • Modular Design:  Interchangeable components to make the Cryptek TS-21 Blackjack customer repairable in as little as three minutes

API Technologies Announces $38.2 Million in Booked New Orders for Quarter Ended November 30, 2010: Includes $26.4 Million Booked in the month of November - Biggest Sales Month and Quarter in Company’s History

RONKONKOMA, NY - (PRNewswire) – December 14, 2010 – API Technologies Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: ATNY.ob - News), a provider of highly engineered products and services to the global defense sector, announced that it has booked $38.2 million in new orders for its second quarter ended November 30, 2010, including $26.4 million booked in the month of November, representing the biggest sales month and quarter in the Company’s history. The orders were from defense and aerospace firms worldwide and spanned the breadth of API’s capabilities, including engineered systems, components and secure communications products.

About API Technologies Corp.

Secure USB Hub Protects Sensitive Information from Unauthorized Devices; Guards Against Information Leaks

RONKONKOMA, NY — DECEMBER 6, 2010 — API Technologies Corp., a provider of highly engineered products and services to the global defense sector, announced today the availability of the EMCON® Secure USB Hub. A 4-port USB hub, it provides organizations easy to use administrative control of USB devices connected to individual workstations. This helps guard sensitive data by prohibiting the use of unauthorized USB devices.

"Because of its plug and play capabilities, USB has become the industry standard I/O port on workstations. However, this convenience poses significant risks to organizations where the protection of information is a must," said Marc Dumais, EMCON Product Manager, API Technologies. "The EMCON Secure USB Hub solves this problem by giving organizations an easy-to-use solution to manage access to USB ports."

API Technologies Wins $3.9 Million Secure Communications Contract in the U.K.

RONKONKOMA, NY - (PRNewswire) – December 2, 2010 – API Technologies Corp. (OTC.BB: ATNY), a provider of highly engineered products and services to the global defense sector, was awarded a $3.9 million (£2.5 million), two-year contract to provide secure communications equipment for use in ground stations and mobile platforms.   API’s UK subsidiary, Secure Systems & Technologies (“SST”) won the order, which will be designed and manufactured in the Company’s Gloucester, UK facility.

About API Technologies Corp.

Secure USB Hub

API Technologies offers users a secure hardware based solution to control access to USB ports. The EMCON® Secure USB Hub is a 4 port USB hub for easy-to-use administrative control over devices requiring USB port connectivity. It allows only authorized USB devices to connect to workstations.

The EMCON® Secure USB Hub is ideal solution for organizations where information security is a must. This easy-to-use hardware, sets-up in minutes on an individuals workstation and allows the use of only authorized USB devices as designated by your organization’s administrator.

  • 4 port USB hub
  • Secure hardware based solution
  • Inexpensive and highly effective way to protect against USB-born security threats
  • Maintain a strong security posture by controlling access to USB in sensitive environments
  • Quick set-up has you up and running in minutes.  No infrastructure changes are necessary
  • Manages USB access either locally or remotely

API Adds New "Product Finder" Feature

API Technologies recently launched a new Product Finder feature designed to direct site visitors to relevant products and solutions. Read on for some quick tips on how to use it.

To access the Product Finder, select "Products" from the top menu, or click here.

The product finder offers three ways to explore API's broad range of products:

API's Henry Gold to Present at Remote Management Conference

API's Henry Gold will be a featured presenter at this year's Remote 2010 Conference & Expo: Advancements in Managing and Monitoring Mission Critical Sites and Equipment. The conference will take place from October 19-20 in Dallas, Texas. In its ninth year, the Remote 2010 Conference & Expo is a technology-driven, solution oriented event that brings together innovators and users from multiple industries, including utilities, infrastructure, power, oil and gas, telecom, remote networks and facilities management. This year's conference will focus on the leading advancements for the monitoring and management of distributed equipment and facilities, remote assets and device networks.

EMCON External Multi Use Enclosure

API Technologies' External Multi Use Enclosure is a TEMPEST Level I device that allows the user to connect additional peripherals or disk space to a TEMPEST Level I Workstation.

The design is capable of housing two full size 5.25" devices with adapters to use 3.5" device if required.  If removable media is required, a door is added but no door is required if the enclosure is used as an additional hard drive.  There are both power and activity LEDS on the front panel.

The peripherals installed in the enclosure can be IDE, SATA, or USB.  An internal circuit provides the necessary power filtering and conversion so the external connection to a TEMPEST CPU is USB.

  • Input power to power adapter: 90 to 240VAC
  • Can house 2 full size 5.25" devices with adapters to use 3.5" device
  • Easilty allows the user to connect additional peripherals or disk space to a TEMPEST Level I Workstation
  • High input power to ensure sufficient speed and usablity

EMCON Crypton Interface Device

API Technologies' Crypto Interface Device (CID) offers a low cost solution for interfacing DB-25 terminated shielded cables and TEMPEST fibre optic modems to KG 84 devices.  This eliminates the need to use external equipment with military-style 55 pin circular connectors.

The CID is a milled aluminum box equipped with a circular 55 pin mil-connector which mates directly to the KG 84 and a DB-25 connector for connection to system wiring or TEMPEST fibre optic modem.

Sufficient surface area surrounds the DB-25 connector to ensure good electrical bonding to the TEMPEST fibre optic modem or shielded backshell of the cable connector.

The CID is a passive device designed to maintin TEMPEST compliance.  The removable cover features a recessed compression gasket which forms an RF tight seal.  The shielding performance of the CID exceeds triple shieldeexceeds triple shielded cable.d cable.

  • KG 84 to DB-25 interface
  • Replaces fixed plant adapter
  • Reconfigurable connector pin-outs
  • Mates with TEMPEST fibre optic modem or shielded DB-25 backshells
  • Low cost, high productivity
  • Eliminates the need for external equipment
  • Exceeds triple shielded cable for ultimate protection
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