RF Solutions

Specialty Connectors & Cabling

The company's fully-integrated custom filtered and unfiltered connector offerings offer high quality, at competitive prices, with the industry's shortest lead times. Featured products include: 

  • Filtered Circular Connectors
  • Filtered Audio Connectors
  • Filtered Rapid Mate
  • Specialty Unfiltered Connectors
  • Harnessing Products & Services
  • Mini-MIL Connectors

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Antennas & Assemblies

The company offers a broad range of highly customizable antennas. Use our online configuration tool to create a unique solution to meet your project's requirements. Featured antenna categories include:

  • Wearable Antennas
  • Patch Antannas
  • Wi-Fi Pro Dual Band Antennas

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Advanced Ceramics

The company offers extensive expertise in ceramics, including the latest techniques in ceramics design and manufacturing. Extensive testing capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities round out the offering. 

Featured ceramics components include:

  • Structural Ceramics
  • Capacitor Arrays
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors
  • Planar Capacitors
  • Discoidal Capacitors
  • Tubular Capacitors

Power Filters & Film Capacitors

The film capacitor and power filter product line extensive, with nearly three decades of history, and encompasses a broad range of capabilities from standard end wrap and fill, to completely custom film capacitors. Film caps have been utilized in military and commercial applications, can be manufactured in less than an inch to several feet while the density is dictated by the geometry of the capacitor.  Click the link below to shop by industry and/or browse our online catalogue.

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Coaxial Filters & Interconnects

As one of the world's best-known brands of filter products, the Spectrum Control product line delivers a broad range of custom and off-the-shelf options to meet your design requirements. The product line includes:

  • Surface Mount Filters
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Filter Plates
  • Low Pass Filters
  • Filtered Connectors
  • Gaskets & Shielding

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Inertial Sensors & Systems

The company provides electronic test and measurement solutions and inertial sensors for demanding industrial, military, aerospace, and research applications. Featured products include:

  • Analog Accelerometers
  • Digital Accelerometers
  • Analog Rate Gyros
  • Intertial Measurement Systems
  • Custom Designed Solutions

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Position Sensors

The company offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom precision position sensors, including:

  • Resistive Element Segment & Wiper Assemblies 
  • Rotary Precision Potentiometers Linear Precision Potentiometers 
  • Hollow Shaft Precision Potentiometers 
  • Motorized Potentiometers 
  • Hall Effect Rotary Sensors

Heater Assemblies

Heater assembly products to meet a broad range of applications. Featured product categories include:

  • PTC Thermistors
  • PTC Heater Assemblies
  • Combination Temperature Sensors & Heater Assemblies

Temperature Sensors

Specialized temperature sensors to meet a variety of requirements. Product categories include:

  • NTC Thermistors
  • RTD Sensors
  • Surge Current Limiters
  • Temperature Sensing Probes and Assemblies
  • Heavy Duty High-Reliability Temperature Probes and Assemblies
  • Combination Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Probes and Assemblies

Integrated RF Solutions

The company offers a variety of integrated solutions in support of your engineering project, including:

  • Switched Filter Banks
  • Harmonic Generators
  • Frequency Multipliers
  • Frequency Multiplier Oscillators (FMOs)
  • Filtered Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)
  • DTOs
  • Direct Digital Synthesizers
  • Master Reference Oscillators (MROs)
  • Thin Film
  • Build-to-Print Capabilities
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