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34 Medium Power Fixed Coaxial Attenuator (N, DC-4 GHz, 25 W)

The 34 Medium Power Fixed Coaxial Attenuator features a frequency range from DC-4 GHz, and an average power of 25W. This attenuator is avilable with precision N connectors and high temperature support beads. The 34 is optimized for Wireless OEM & test applications. It is designed to meet environmental requirements of MIL-A-3933.

  • Optimized for Wireless OEM & Test Applications.
  • Designed to meet environmental requirements of MIL-A-3933.

European Microwave Week 2016

October 3, 2016 (All day) - October 7, 2016 (All day)
London City of
United Kingdom

The European Microwave Conference is the premier forum to present the current status and future trends in the field of microwave, millimetre-wave and THz systems and technologies. A broad range of high frequency related topics, from materials and technologies to integrated circuits, systems and applications will be addressed in all their aspects: theory, simulation, design and measurement.

International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2016

May 22, 2016 (All day) - May 27, 2016 (All day)
San Francisco
United States

IMS features the world's largest RF & Microwave exhibition of over 550 Companies who represent the state-of-the-art when it comes to materials, devices, components, and subsystems as well as design and simulation software and test and measurement equipment.

Click here for a show preview or to schedule a meeting!

Coaxial Adapters & Connector Systems

Precision In-series and between series coaxial adapters, Planar Crown® & Blind-mate® connectors.

Utilizing proprietary design techniques, we offer connectorized devices that are mechanically robust, stable over environmental extremes, and highly reliable. Weinschel offers a comprehensive line of between-series adapters, blind-mate connectors, and our patented PLANAR CROWN® Connector System.

DC Blocks

Inside/Outside Models, Multi-Octave Bandwidth with Low SWR across the frequency range.

Mechanical Phase Shifters

API Technologies' Mechanical Phase Shifter designs are ideally suited for delay line applications in optical and RF Networks. These designs provide linear adjustable phase shift in a very small inline coaxial packages with long mechanical cycle life. Models can also be easily adapted to motorized control configurations. Mechanical phase shifters have an inherent delay / Zero phase shift even when sitting in the minimum position. That phase is the Characteristic Insertion Phase and is provided as a typical value. Insertion phase is considered the fixed value of the phase shifter and is measured at the minimum setting.

Power Splitters and Dividers

API Technologies offers a comprehensive product line of Weinschel brand Power Dividers, and Power Splitters. Many of these standard products were de signed for particularly demanding broadband requirements, SWR, and high power system applications. 

Weinschel offers a variety of broadband (dc-40 GHz) resistive power splitters and dividers with Type N, SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm connector options. Power Dividers are available in 2 and 4 way configurations.

Terminations and Loads

Weinschel terminations are being used on most major U.S. military and commercial communication satellites. Terminations can be screened to your specifications and testing requirements. Weinschel’s use of precision connectors, injection molded captivation of connector contacts, internal pring/ plunger contacts (no solder or contact fingers) and very precise and stable resistors result in a superior electrical and mechanical design that is ideally suited for space applications. Page 17 provides a list of Weinschel’s program experience and available testing programs for space qualified components.

Terminations & Loads can be supplied according to customer specified testing, environmental or military or government specification requirements.


1. Most terminations feature injection molded dielectric for better center pin captivation and alignment. Injection molded dielectric also eliminates the need for the epoxy hole "stake" as seen in other designs. This epoxy hole in other designs is subject to RF leakage and movement when exposed to environmental extremes and prolonged use.

2. Weinschel coaxial terminations have a proprietary resistor element fired at high temperatures (950°) for superior long term stability over temperature, power and time.

3. Weinschel coaxial terminations have no solder contacts. They feature spring loaded plunger contacts to the resistor cards that provide expansion tolerant operation over wide temperature and power ranges.

4. Terminations are made with high quality materials and machined to very close tolerances, the result is a design that stands up to severe environments and usage.

5. High power designs feature special high temperature support beads. 

Variable Attenuators

Variable attenuators are used in applications where the need exists for controlling signal levels continuously without interrupting the circuit. Most Weinschel models are in linear scales, and have low frequency sensitivity with broad frequency coverage, resulting from the use of proven Weinschel resistive films. The resistive elements located in these Variable Attenuators provide long-term stability over temperature and humidity.

Manual Step Attenuators

Manual Step Attenuators are primarily used in areas demanding broadband accuracy with low SWR and accurate repeatability over large attenuation ranges. The Weinschel Step Attenuators utilize the excellent performance characteristics of the Weinschel fixed coaxial attenuators. The Weinschel step attenuators are widely used in many types of ATE and OEM systems operating throughout the world.  Attenuation ranges and frequency ranges range from 0 to 10 dB in 1 dB steps up to 0 to 100 dB in 10 dB steps and frequency ranges from dc to 40 GHz. High volume fabrication techniques, including injection molding, stamping, broaching and thick film printing ensure a cost effective and uniform product.

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