RF Solutions

High Temperature Electronics

Robust, high reliability products with capabilities including meeting extensive temperature ranges, standard temperature -55°C to 150°C, high temperature 150°C to 175°C, extreme high temperature 175°C to 200°C and ultra high temperature 200°C to 225°C plus.

Current Transformers

Apps include advanced fault tolerant computers and workstations, control panels reading current flowing to electric transformer, telecom and communications.

Power Inductors & Chokes

Lighting dimmers – low wattage residential to higher wattage commercial, motor controls, SCR controls and line filters.

Switch Mode Power Supply Inductors

Filter inductors, toroidal current sense transformers and high frequency inverter transformers.

Lighting Chokes & Inductor/Filters

Ideal for lighting dimmers, EMI/RFI filters, PWM and PM circuits primarily for motor controls, UPS Systems, differential mode line filters.

Toroidal Power Transformers

Convert power-level voltages from one level or phase configuration with lower magnetic leakage, electrical noise and mechanical hum. Excellent as isolation step-down and high voltage step-up transformers, autotransformers, ferroresonant transformers and smoothing inductors.

Laminate Power Transformers

Perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, military and commercial UPS systems, power supplies, mono crystalline and crystalline solar processing. Value ranges from 3 VA to 100,000 VA.

Modem & Module Transformers

Broadband and voiceband transformers used for datacom and telecom applications.

Air Coils

Custom and build-to-print air coils for RF power, filter and sensing applications.

AESA Subsystem Solutions

Modular Active Antenna Array Unit solutions for AESA Radar, featuring line-replaceable quad transmit/receive module 'common building block' units for scaleability and ease of integration and repair. Solutions for next-generation, AESA and E-scan radars.

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