Components and Subsystems

3858-X Series Line Coupling/Bridge Transfomer

3858 is a 1:1 line matching transformer. Interfacing equipment to telephone line, requiring small size and high insulation voltage.
3858-2 is designed for high impedance bridging applications.

  • Low profile
  • Small volume
  • Conforming to FCC part 68, Canadian CS 03 regulations
  • Low cost
  • High insulation voltage

3853-X Series Line Matching Transformer

3853 is a 1:1 line matching transformer. Line matching in 600 & 900 Ω circuits with up to 100 mA loop current capability.

  • Low profile
  • DC loop current capability
  • Conforms to FCC part 68, Canadian CS 03 regulations
  • High voltage insulation between input and output windings

TPW 3852 Series Input/Output Transformer

The 4 wire interface between Subscriber Terminals and the Network Termination has been standardized by CCITT recommendation I.430. It uses a passive bus which provides separate receive and transmit loops operating at 192 Kbits/s.


Two versions of TPW3852 have been designed and approved for use with the following devices:


  • Siemens PEB2080
  • Siemens PEB2081
  • Siemens PEB2085
  • Siemens PEB2086
  • AMD Am79C30A


  • Mitel MT8930A, -B, -C
  • Mitel   MT8931B, -C

3817 Series Line Matching Transformer

3817 is a 1 : 1 line matching transformer. Interfacing of telecommunications equipment to 600W or 900W lines.

  • Low profile
  • Conforming to FCC part 68 and CS 03 regulations
  • Low bridging and insertion losses
  • Low cost

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Power Supplies

Need a power supply that does not exist? API Technologies is a top supplier of specialty power supplies to defense and aerospace companies. When power requirements are challenging or space constraints problematic, companies throughout the world turn to API for assistance throughout the product development cycle: from design and prototyping, to engineering and testing, to manufacturing.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Linear 
  • Switch mode 
  • AC-DC 
  • DC-DC 
  • Inverters 
  • Battery chargers 
  • Three phase power 
  • Low to high voltage 
  • High to low voltage 
  • High output voltage 
  • Low output voltage 

Markets served include:

Superior Tuning Capability Highlighted in API™ Tunable Filter: 30-90MHz Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filter Released Today

WINDBER, PA —MARCH 15, 2011 — API Defense, a provider of highly engineered systems, sub-systems and secure communications to the global defense and aerospace industries, today announced the release of the API™ Tunable Filter. The API Tunable Filter is a 30-90MHz bandpass filter that delivers highly precise tuning capabilities. The product’s rugged but lightweight design makes it ideally suited for use in military radios and mobile applications.

“We are pleased to deliver another product that further enhances warfighers’ communication capabilities,” said Jim Fisher, Director of Engineering for API Defense. “Used either out in the field or in a test environment, the API Tunable Filter offers the speed and accuracy necessary to meet mission requirements.”

TLA-3700 Series Line Matching Transformer

TLA-3700 is a 1 : 1 line matching transformer.

Applications:  Line matching in 600 W circuits, where up to 100mA loop current capability is required.

  • Low cost.
  • DC loop current capability.
  • Conforming to FCC part 68 and Canadian CS 03 regulations.
  • High voltage insulation between input and output windings.

CFS-2915 Series Output Transformer

TFS-2915 is specifically designed for use as an Output Transformer in CEPT applications.

It has been approved by MITEL for use with their MH89780 & MH89790 devices.

Typical applications are:

  • PBX or computer to CEPT Digital Trunks.
  • High speed data link using CEPT Digital Trunk.
  • TDM Multiplexers.

TFS2915 is available in 5 versions: -0 ,-1, -2 -4, & -5 for 75, 100,120 and 75/120W line impedances.

TFS2915-5 is designed and approved for MT89790B, which is operating from a single 5Vdc supply.

CFS-2914 Series Adjustable Inductor

CFS-2914 is an adjustable inductor (clock extractor coil) for MITEL MH89790 device.

Typical applications are:

  • PBX or computer to T1/CEPT Digital Trunks.
  • High speed data link using T1/CEPT Digital Trunk.
  • TDM Multiplexers.
  • ISDN Voice/Data

The MH89790 has a built in clock extraction circuit, which creates a 2.048 MHz clock synchronized to the received E2 signal. The free-running frequency of the oscillator is controlled by an external tunable inductor. The inductor should be tuned to provide a frequency of 2.048 MHz ± 200 Hz.

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