Components and Subsystems

TEW-6175 Series U-BUS/DNIC Input/Output Transformer

TEW6175 is designed and approved for Mitel MT8972 and MT8971B/72B devices.


  • Digital subscriber lines.
  • High speed data transmission over twisted wire.
  • Digital PABX line cards and telephone sets.
  • Small size SMD & through hole
  • Low cost

TEW-6140 Bridging Transformer

TEW6140 is a 1 :1 high impedance transformer.


  • Bridging a telephone line with a a high impedance where a low briging loss is required.
  • Low profile
  • Conforming to FCC part 68 and CS 03 regulations
  • High inductance
  • Low bridging and insertion losses
  • Low cost

6110-6114 Series Input/Output Transformer

6110 series transformers are designed and approved for the following ISDN U-interface devices:


  • MC145572:  6110
  • MC145472:  6114


  • TP3410:  6112


  • SD 5411:  6111
  • Small package
  • Low cost

6102-1 Input/Output Transformer

6102-1 is designed to interface with the Motorola MC145422/26 UDLT (Universal Digital-Loop Transceivers).

The MC145422/26 UDLT’s are high-speed data transceivers that provide 80-kbps full-duplex data communications over 26 awg and larger twisted pair cable up to two kilometers in distance.

6102-1 is approved for the MC145422/26 UDLT chip set.

Contact us for a RoHS-compliant version or alternate versions.

  • Approved for the MC145422/26 UDLT chip set.
  • 80-kbps full-duplex data communications over 26 awg

6093 Power Line Filter 28VDC 250A

The 6093 was designed to reduce the ripple noise generated by the inverter circuit in generator sets.  This is just one of several custom line filter assemblies that have been designed for a variety of input voltages and currents up to 400A.

  • Small package
  • Low cost

TEW-6092 Series Input/Output Transformer

TEW6092 series transformers are designed to be used as Interface Transformer with the following devices:


  • MTHXX40   TEW6092


  • RS8973  TEW6092-2
  • BT8970  TEW6092-3

Level One

  • SK7070 & 70721  TEW6092-7 & -8
  • Low profile construction.
  • Up to 250 mA line current.
  • - 40 to + 85 deg.C Operating temperature range.
  • Also available in surface mount

TEW-6086 Series ADSL Input/Output Transformer

The TEW6086 series transformers are designed to interface with the ADSL transceiver unit at the remote terminal end (ATU-R) and with the ADSL transceiver unit at the central office end ( ATU-C).

TEW6086- 1 and -3 are designed for use with discrete ADSL Line Interfaces.

TEW6086-2 and -4 are designed for the Motorola MC03AX1456 integrated ADSL Line Interface.

  • Small size
  • Low cost

L6083 POTS Splitter LP Filter

The L6083 is a Low Pass filter designed to be used as a POTS Splitter in the ADSL link.

L6083 meets the requirements of ANSI T1.413 and the T1/E1.4 8E14025R2 document.

  • Small Size
  • Low Cost
  • 100mA DC

TEW-6055 U-BUS Input/Output Transformer

TEW6055 is designed to interface with the subscribers premises (NT) and the 2- wire line side of the Central Office Equipment (LT) in the ISDN Network.

TEW6055 meets the electrical specifications of ANSI TI.601- 1988 and the requirements for the Mitel MT8910 DSLIC device.

  • High performance 2B1Q line code
  • Up to 50 mA line current
  • High insulation between line and equipment side

TEW-6045 Series Input/Output Transformer

TEW6045 is designed to comply with the requirements of an input/ output transformer in the ISDN S-Bus Interface.

It has been designed and approved for the following devices:


  • AMD:  79C30A
  • Mitel:  MT8930A, B & C,  MT8931A, B & C
  • National:  TP3420
  • Siemens:  PEB2080, PEB2081, PEB2085, PEB2086
  • Cologne:  HFC-SP


  • Intel:  29C53


  • Motorola:  MC145474,  MC145475


  • Motorola:  MC145574
  • Complies with the requirements of CCITT I.430
  • Low cost
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