Components and Subsystems

7236 Coupling Transformer

The 7236 Coupling Transformer ranges from 600 ohm to 600 ohm.

  • Small package
  • Low cost

7200 24 Channel Pots Splitter for ADSL

The 7200 has 24 channels and was designed for implementation of ADSL at a central office (CO) and remote (R) location (CPE).

  • Testing methods and specifications comply with G.992.1 standards appropriate to Japan
  • Handles loop DC currents up to 130mA
  • Built-in input protection devices and D.C. blocking capacitors
  • Provides excellent isolation between ADSL and POTS

7198 High Frequency Common Mode Choke

The 7198 High Frequency Common Mode Choke exceeds high performance EMI reduction required for Multiplexers, Channel Routers, and ISP Servers.

  • 8 x 2 Line Common Mode Choke
  • Designed for Quad Port T1/E1 applications
  • 500 Vrms isolation

7197 Modem Transformer

The 7197 is designed for V.90 applications to reflect 600 ohms on PRI with 287 ohms on SEC.

  • Designed to IEC950 supplementary insulation
  • Low distortion, specifically designed for V.90 applications
  • Available in tape and reel

7191-7194 Series Filter Inductors

The 7191-7194 Series Filter Inductors are designed for use in ADSL applications where filtering is required. 

  • Low cost through hole design
  • Balanced winding
  • Operating temperature range: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
  • Units can withstand 100A surge of 10/700 us pulse
  • Flame retardant UL 94 V-0

7117-7121 Input/Output Transformers

Units matched to leading transceivers IC's.

  • Small package
  • Low cost

7116 Common Mode Choke

The 7116 Common Mode Choke reduces radiated EMI emissions and filters common mode noise for EMI reduction.

  • Common mode attenuation from 100 kHz to 1 GHz
  • Low cost

7101-7104 Series Dual Transformer

The 7101-7104 Series Dual Transformer was designed for use with 75 ohm Coaxial or 150 ohm STP Cable.

  • Fast rise time
  • Low baseline wander

7100 Transformer

The 7100 Transformer is designed for use with Level One's ICs SK70721/725 and Zarlink's MH88435 and MH88612.

  • Excellent THD performance
  • Designed to meet the supplementary insulation requirements of UL 1950, IEC950, and EN60950 for working voltages up to 250Vrms
  • Extended temperature range: -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C

7086-7088 500 kHz Current Sense Transformers

The 7086-7088 500 kHz Current Sense Transformers offer a 20 Amp peak sense current and 1500 Vrms isolation.

  • Frequency range from 200 to 500 kHz
  • Small size
  • Low cost
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