Spectrum Microwave

Power Dividers

API Power Dividers are designed with attention to high isolation and exceptional phase balance. They rely on quarter-wave transformers matching the split ports to the common port yielding superior isolation between the output ports, while maintaining a matched condition on all ports.


From broadband directional, to low loss Crossover, and TEMline Hybrid, API’s Coupler models all feature high power handling, multiple octave bandwidths, low loss and meet MIL-E-5400 Class 3 or equivalent screening.

Phase Shifters

API’s complete line of electromechanical Phase Shifter products, ranging DC to 50 GHz, are suitable for use in commercial and military optical network applications.  API has also developed modified and custom designs, including:  wideband performance, superior torque ratio, and mechanical limit controls.

Rotary Joints

API Rotary Joints are not only designed for high speed operation and long life, but are known in the industry for low loss and durability. Integrating SAGE Labs and their team of engineers, API is now the source for both standard low loss and custom Rotary Joint requirements.

Delay Lines

API designs and develops a variety of Delay Lines which include: BAW, Coaxial, LC, Steel Dispersive, SAW Dispersive, and SAW Non-Dispersive.

Operational Amps

From Power Operational Amplifiers for use in power supply and motor driver applications, to Current Amplifiers for use as a buffer, or Fast Buffer Amplifiers excellent for use as line drivers, API designs feature rich OpAmps to meet your needs.

A/D and D/A Converters

API offers a selection of D/A and A/D Converters that deliver exceptional performance and high reliability.  Offering both CMOS and TTL compatible formats, these high efficiency DACs frequently run off +5 or +15 volts, provide stability over temperature ranges, and are laser-trimmed for high linearity performance.

PIN Diode Drivers

API offers a complete line-up of PIN Diode Switch Drivers with output current capability of 10 mA to 50 mA and switching speeds as fast as 6 ns. Thin film metalization on ceramic substrates ensures low parasitic capacitance for fast switching, small size, and excellent reliability.


API produces premier temperature compensated detectors.  Analog/Level Detectors convert a range of RF input powers to a corresponding DC output voltage level. Threshold Detectors output a TTL compatible signal when the RF level exceeds the preset threshold.


API’s Attenuator products are offered in both Digital and Voltage Variable configurations.  Digital Attenuators are available in frequency ranges from 10 to 2000 MHz. Voltage Variable Attenuators (VVAs) are available in frequency ranges from 5 to 2000 MHz when voltage variable gain control is required.

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