Spectrum Microwave

Switched Filter Banks

API draws from a team of specialists in amplifiers, filter, thin film, mixers, and switches to deliver a unique switched filter bank design that offers increased longevity, meets specifications, and exceeds expectations.

Diplexer, Triplexer, and Multiplexer

API desgins Diplexers Triplexers & Multiplexers through the use of modern techniques including a wide range of topologies, novel packaging, and innovative designs.

Band Reject Filters

API’s reputation for designing and delivering some of today’s most challenging Band Reject Filters is the reason why RF engineers trust us with their designs.

Highpass Filters

API designs Highpass Filters that offer a wide assortment of topologies, including lumped element and suspended substrate; our engineers match the optimum topology to meet your requirements.

Lowpass Filters

API designs some of today’s most challenging Lowpass filters for RF engineers which offer a wide assortment of topologies, including lumped element, cavity, ceramic, SAW, tubular, suspended substrate, and waveguide filters.

Bandpass Filters

API Bandpass Filters offer a wide assortment of topologies, including lumped element, cavity, ceramic, SAW, tubular, suspended substrate, and waveguide.

Low Cost Amps

When your amplifier requirements total 100 units or more, we offer a large selection of standard and custom higher volume designs in a cost-effective package, ensuring savings and high performance.

Low Phase Noise Amps

API has invested in high performance low phase noise amps in order to test for compliance in frequency control problems.  Equipment includes:  Agilent PNA network analyzers, an Agilent ES5500 phase noise measurement system, etc.

High Linearity Amps

API offers the highest performance and highest linearity amplifiers in the industry.  Additionally, our engineers are able to customize our original design to meet demanding requirements and non-standard package options.

High Power Amplifiers

API’s family of High Power Amplifiers are feature-rich, highly efficient, offer wide bandwidth and able to adapt and automatically correct for changes in load impedances and bias fluctuations.

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