RTI Electronics

Power Systems and EMI Solutions to be Highlighted by API Technologies at APEC 2014

Power management products, power filters, and film capacitors to be spotlighted

Orlando, FL – February 28, 2014 – API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY), a leading provider of high performance RF/microwave, power, and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, will showcase its Power Systems and Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions product lines at Booth #1133 during the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). The APEC 2014 Exhibition takes place March 17-19, 2014 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX.

RTI Electronics

Products from RTI include passive electronic components including thermistors, film capacitors, magnetic transformers and inductors, and audio power conditioning units.

API Technologies to Showcase Variety of High Reliability Power Electronics at APEC 2013

ORLANDO, FL  — March 6, 2013 — API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY) (“API” or the “Company”), a trusted provider of RF/microwave, microelectronics, and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, announced today that it will showcase its diverse range of products suitable for higher power applications during the 2013 Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference & Expo (APEC). Discussions and live demonstrations will take place at the API Technologies Booth #907, featuring its Spectrum Control™ line of EMI power filters, film capacitors, switch mode power supply capacitors, magnetics, and the latest in current limiting NTC thermistors. API’s GaN broadband power amplifiers and power distribution products will also be on display. APEC takes place on March 17-21 in Long Beach, CA.

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