Space Grade Microelectronics

API offers UK assembled, space grade, radiation hardened monolithic devices and hybrid microcircuit modules for the world wide space markets. Our manufacturing lines are certified to either MIL-PRF-38534 Class K or ESA requirements.

Nuclear Event Detector (NED)

API introduces a low power Nuclear Event Detector (NED) equipped with the latest materials and technology to mitigate the effect of an electromagnetic pulse which otherwise would damage sensitive electronics.

Drop-In Limiter Modules

API offers high reliability S-band ‘Drop-in’ limiter modules and Sampling Phase Detector featuring weight and space saving designs.

Receiver Protectors

API offers a variety of solid state high power receiver protectors in coaxial and waveguide design for Military applications.

Navigational Equipment CNI (Communication, Navigation & Identification)

API manufactures equipment that provides a highly effective means of locating, identifying, and providing navigational assistance for a variety of aircraft outside normal radar coverage and range by means of secondary radar.

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