6646 Transformer

The 6646 is designed for use with Brooktree’s BT8921 / BT8970 IC’s at 1168 kpbs rates.

  • Designed for International approvals
  • Low distortion
  • Excellent balance
  • Small size

6645 Transformer

The 6645 is approved for use with Globespan ADSL / RADSL Line Driver IC (EL-1501) at the customer premises.

  • Meets supplimentary insulation requirements of IEC950 for a working voltage of 250 volts

6644 Transformer

The 6644 is designed for use with analog devices AD20MSP910 / AD20MSP918 chipsets. Exceeds supplementary insulation requirements of IEC950 for 250 VAC working voltage.

  • Excellent Harmonic Distortion characteristics optimized for size and performance
  • 232 °C peak infrared reflow temperature rating
  • Available in tape and reel

6643 10/100 Base-TX Quad Port

The 6643 is designed to support four (4) single or double stacked RJ-45 connectors and incorporates a unique patented interlock base design.

  • Unit is compliant with IEEE 802.3 μ and ANSI X3.263 standards including 350 μH OCL with 8 mA bias from 0 °C to 70 °C.
  • IC grade transfer –molded package withstands 235 °C peak reflow temperature profile.
  • Supports 4 single or double stacked RJ-45 connectors
  • Meets IEEE 802.3 μ and ANSI X3.263 standards

6641 Home Phoneline Module

The 6641 is designed and approved to work with Broadcom’s BCM 4210 over an extended temperature range.

  • Includes Common Mode Choke for EMI reduction
  • Robust construction allows for IR/VR Processes
  • 1500 Vrms Isolation
  • -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range

TEW-6575 Input/Output Transformer

TEW6575 is designed to be used as an input/output transformer in HDSL applications for use with Brooktree BT8973.


  • H D SL services
  • H i gh speed data transmission over twisted wire
  • Up to 160mA loop current
  • Low distortion
  • Excellent Longitudinal Balance

TEW-6197 Input/Output Transformer

The 4 wire interface between Subscriber Terminals and the Network Termination has been standardized by CCITT recommendation I.430. It uses a passive bus which provides separate receiver and transmit loops operating at 192 Kbits/s.

Two versions of TEW6197 have been designed and approved for use with the following devices:


  • Siemens:  PEB2080,  PEB2081,  PEB2085,  PEB2086
  • AMD:  Am79C30A

TEW6197- 4

  • Mitel:  MT8930A,  MT8930B,  MT8931B
  • Separate receiver and transmit loops
  • Low cost

TEW-6181 U-BUS Input/Output Transformer

TEW6181 is designed to interface with the subscribers premises (NT) and the 2- wire line side of the Central Office Equipment (LT) in the ISDN Network.

TEW681 meet the electrical requirements for the MOTOROLA MC145572 device.

  • Small size
  • Up to 5 mA line current

TTW-6176 Matching Transformer

The TTW6176 Quad transformer unit was designed to provide insulation of four twisted pairs in a Local Area Network.

It is based on the Ethernet data link protocol which uses baseband signaling at 10Mbps.

  • Ethernet data link protocol
  • Low cost

TEW-6175 Series U-BUS/DNIC Input/Output Transformer

TEW6175 is designed and approved for Mitel MT8972 and MT8971B/72B devices.


  • Digital subscriber lines.
  • High speed data transmission over twisted wire.
  • Digital PABX line cards and telephone sets.
  • Small size SMD & through hole
  • Low cost
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