TLA-6821 Series Line Matching Transformer

The TLA6821 is a split winding Line Matching Transformer. 


  • Interfacing subscriber equipment to a 600Ω 2-wire subscriber line, and where DC handling capability is required.
  • Good magnetic shielding
  • High Longitudinal Balance
  • DC capability, 70 mA

6814 10Base-T Single Port Module

The 6814 10Base-T Single Port Module is designed for use with the following devices:

  • Level One:  LXT901, LXT907, LXT914
  • Texas Instruments:  TNETE 2004
  • Low profile
  • Operating temperature 0 degrees to 70 degrees C
  • 2000Vrms isolation

6810-6811 Series Transformer

The 6810-6811 Series Transformer is designed for use with the Texas Instruments THS6012 line driver and is suitable for 8mbps/800kbps ADSL applications.

  • Central Office or Remote Applications
  • P/N 6811 has a split primary winding

6798 Dual Matching Transformer

The 6798 Dual Matching Transformer is specially designed to match a 120 ohm twisted pair to a 75 ohm coaxial line in the CEPT trunk.

  • Extended temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
  • Exceeds the requirements of IEC950, EN60950, UL1950/CSA650 and AS/NZS3260
  • The Return Loss exceeds the requirements of CCITT G.703 and BSG6328
  • The Longitudinal balance exceeds the requirements of CCITT I.431.

6797 Matching Transformer

Specially designed to match a 120 ohms twisted pair to a 75 ohms coaxial line in the CEPT trunk.


  • Digital subscriber lines
  • High speed data transmission over twisted wire
  • Digital PABX line cards and telephone sets
  • Small size
  • Low cost

6796 Input/Outpit Transformer

The 6796 Input/Outpit Transformer is designed and approved for use with Motorola MC 145572.

  • Small package
  • Low cost

6790 10/100 Base-T SIngle Port Transformer Module

The 6790 10/100 Base-T SIngle Port Transformer Module was designed for use with data grade unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP-5) and is suitable for adapter card cable and mulitport applications.

  • Provides excellent EMI filtering
  • Meets IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards, including 350uH oCL with 8mA DC bias

6778 Line Transformer

The 6778 Line Transformer is compliant with Globespan chip sets and designed to reflect 135n line side, 8.4n IC side.

  • Low cost
  • Extended temperature range -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C

6766 Dual Channel Interface Module

Module provides common mode suppression, filtering and impedance matching to 100n unshielded twisted pair (UTP) or 150n shielded twisted pair (STP) media.


Designed to be used with the following ATM 25.6 transceivers:

  • TI 380C30/60
  • IDT 77105
  • Transwitch ALI-25T

6743 Modem Transformer, V.32

The 6743 Modem Transformer, V.32 has low distortion and is suitable for use in V.32 applications.

  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Low cost
  • Small size, low profile
  • UL94V-0
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